Salisbury’s Woodburning installers

Welcome to Heart of the Home Ltd.

Putting the Heart into your Home

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Fancy installing a woodburner?

I think we can all agree that having a woodburner will definitely bring warmth and maximise the cosy factor to every home!

Heart of the Home ltd (h.o.t.h) installs a wide range of woodburning stoves with high quality workmanship and attention to detail in the salisbury area.

Fancy getting a woodburner fitted? Then you have reached the right website! Heart of the Home Ltd. will be glad to carry out a site survey and provide you with an honest quotation, free of charge.


Hot Tips

Get that woodburner going, grab a hot drink, put on some comfy clothes and cuddle up in front of your stove. You have now reached the ultimate relaxing moment of the day! Bliss!


Other benefits from installing a woodburning stove, apart from the cosiness:

  • an efficient source of energy - central heating efficiency is around 32% whilst an efficient woodburning stove has a rate of 70-80%.

  • a low-carbon alternative to heating a home that uses fossil fuel (if you install an Ecodesign Ready stove and use dry firewood!)

  • reduce winter heating bills by opting to use a woodburning stove.

  • woodburners provide a constant source of heat in the event of a power cut.

  • a woodburner in your home will add value to your property

  • woodburning stoves are 70% more efficient than open fires




“For us it’s not just about installing a woodburner, we really bring the heart into your home”

Piers Villet, Founder of Heart of the Home Ltd.