Woodburning Stoves & Firewood

Heart of the Home believes in a sustainable future “cleaner stoves and dry wood”. This combination produces less smoke, less soot, less particles BUT more heat and therefore a much better environmental choice.


let Heart of the Home supply you directly with one of our selected Cleanburn system woodburning Stoves.

Heart of the Home Ltd. recommends Ecodesign Ready stoves which are designed to reduce particulate emissions by burning wood more efficiently and completely. Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lower emissions. It is due to come into force for stoves in the UK in 2022 and will be approved by DEFRAS Clean Air Strategy

Heart of the Home Ltd. have made a selection of some of the best quality woodburning stoves on the market, at the best price! Scroll through the selection below, When you have made your choice, let Piers know the stove you’ve selected and we will order it for you and bring it on the day of installation.

Heart of the Home also supplies Firewood - quality kiln dried Oak logs through our partner Sunny Logs. Not only is the kiln dried wood the most efficient and a better environmental choice, they are also great value for money! Info at end of this page!


If you decide to buy a woodburner yourself, please be aware of the following:

- Be wary of cheap Chinese stoves… they’re cheap for a reason!

- Make sure the stove is provided with at least a 2 year warranty

- Delivery companies will only deliver to kerbside… you will then need to get it inside your house

- On delivery, check the stove thoroughly for damages

- If you experience any problems with the stove within the warranty time, Heart of the Home Ltd. won’t take any responsibility.

Woodburning Stoves

We have teamed up with some local stove suppliers; FDC and Andover Fireplace Warehouse as well as with Flue&Ducting Ltd. to ease your decision on which stove to get.

If you don’t find what you are looking for here below, you can visit their websites and scroll through their whole selection of wood-burners. Both local suppliers have showrooms if you wish to have a closer look at the stoves. Andover Fireplace Warehouse showroom open to public (check opening times), for FDC, you will need to make an appointment prior to you visit. For any questions regarding woodburning stove supply, get in touch with Piers.


FDC (UK) Fireplaces stove selection

FDC a leading fireplace manufacturers and trade distributors of fireplaces based in Dinton near Salisbury. They offer a wide range of quality stoves for all tastes and budgets and their stoves are designed and developed in Wiltshire. All FDC stoves are DEFRA approved with clean burn system and they are expecting the Ecodesign ready stoves to be with them in Jan. 2020. Their stoves all have 5 years warranty. Click on each image for the full description of the stove. For any price details get in touch with Piers.


Andover Fireplace Warehouse stove collection

Andover Fireplace Warehouse (AFW) has a very large range of traditional, classical and contemporary woodburning and multi-fuel stoves, which of many are displayed in their showroom. At AFW you will find classic stoves from across UK and Europe. Our selection below is based on manufactures who have Ecodesign ready or/and the most popular stoves we have come across. Click on the image for more information. For price details, please contact Piers..

For many further stove options, check out Andover Fireplace Warehouse website.


the woodford stove collection

The Woodford stove collection is SIA Eco-design ready, this means they are extremely efficient stoves with advanced clean burn technology. The Woodford Stoves all come with a lifetime warranty of the body of the stove and are designed and manufactured in England. Click on the image for more information. For price details, please contact Piers.

Unfortunately, these stoves can not be seen in a show room. To find out more, please visit Flue&Ducting Ltd. website

Quality Kiln Dried Firewood

Over the years, Heart of the Home have had many enquiries for dry firewood. That made us realise that AS part of the service we need to offer our customers the best quality wood for their stoves!

That’s when we decided to create “Sunny Logs” which provides dumpy bags (also called tonne bags) of Kiln Dried Oak, which is probably the best firewood you can get! It has a maximum heat output, it’s long lasting, efficient and emits less smoke, and so less pollutants. Because you get so much heat output, you will actually need less kiln dried logs than if you were to buy seasoned logs.

Sunny Logs offers free delivery within 15 miles of Salisbury. To make your order please visit www.sunnylogs.co.uk For any questions, please get in touch with Sophia: hello@sunnylogs.co.uk

Dumpy bag of premium kiln dried Oak, moisture content less than 18% for a long hot burn!

Dumpy bag of premium kiln dried Oak, moisture content less than 18% for a long hot burn!